ME 31 Gun Microphone (excellent for speech recognition)
The Olympus ME31 is a shotgun microphone. The ME31 uses a directional design that limits interference from nearby sound sources. It has standard 1/8" analog connectors. We tested with and recommend the Andrea USB-SA USB sound pod to assure the best audio input.

With minimum office noise the Olympus ME31 performs superbly. Our office building is due for an update to its heating and air conditioning. This means when the blower comes on, there is noticeable noise that requires a microphone or audio setup wizard in order to restore accuracy close to what it had been.

Here is an anecdotal story about the Olympus ME31 microphone. When I came to the office this morning I started dictating into my top of the line Sennheiser MD 431II microphone. It was performing superbly. To test another microphone, I went around the back of our computer rack to it to the Andrea USB-SA sound pod. Much to my surprise, I had not been talking into the Sennheiser but to the Olympus ME31 that was on my desk underneath the computer monitor. I would never have guessed it.

The bottom line, this is an extremely convenient microphone. You need not put on or take off the microphone. In a quiet office it can sit 2 feet away, not be in your face like a desktop mounted microphone.

The directional design of the ME31 makes it useful for recording a particular voice or signal that would otherwise be obscured or overpowered by other sources. For example, the ME31 can help capture a keynote speaker at a conference without recording a lot of chatter from attendees.